Solutions To Extreme Loading

StoneSmart Solutions, LLC (StoneSmart) is a small business based in New York that was established by the primary engineers of Stone Security Engineering.

StoneSmart is a research and development company dedicated to developing new and innovative products and services for the protective design community.  The company was created to develop new products and services, and to allow the team the flexibility to leverage their knowledge of the safety & security industries as they relate to protecting against extreme loading events (e.g., accidental explosions in industrial plants, improvised explosive device (IED) detonations, ballistics attacks, forced entry attacks, etc).

StoneSmart is working on or investigating efforts in extreme load hazard mitigation, research & development, software development, and training.  This includes a broad range range of blast, ballistic, forced entry and fire testing capabilities through our Stone-OBL joint venture with Oregon Ballistics Laboratories.